New York Limericks
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New York Limericks

Exhibits, Illustration
Limericks, New York, Watercolor
About This Project
Watercolor on paper
8.27 × 11.69 inches


For my 2nd Personal Project during my SVA Residency, I decided to write and illustrate my own New York-themed limericks, after reading A Book of Nonsense by Edward Lear.

It was a challenge to write (as I’m not a writer!) but I had a lot of fun with these.

There was a gentleman with legs so long,
He felt that he didn’t quite belong
He went in one prance
From New Jersey to France
And put all of his thoughts in a song.


There was a hipster with a beard
Who said, “It is just as I feared! –
Two squirrels and a hen,
Four rats and a wren,
Have all built their nests in my beard!”


There was a young actress of Broadway
Who danced her way into the subway
When the doors squeezed her flat

She exclaimed “Look, a rat!”
This mellow young actress of Broadway.


There was a man from New York city
Who objected to things he found creepy.
He hired 20 dogs
To catch all the frogs

In and around New York city.


There was a big buff man from Brooklyn
Whose head was as small as a push pin
So to make it look big
He purchased a wig
And paraded himself around Brooklyn.


There was an old woman from Flushing
Whose presence of mind was amusing
She purchased a cart
And rolled through Central Park
And escaped from the people of Flushing.