Written by Zarah Gagatiga
Published by Room to Read and Lampara Books

This book was made as part of Room to Read's 2019 workshop for writers and illustrators. We were assigned stories and spent a few days conceptualizing and planning out the book. We only had a limited time to come up with the character studies, page plan, thumbnails, and sample artworks for approval. We had artist mentors and RTR representatives to guide us along the way. It was one of the hardest weeks of my life but it was really worth it!

These were my initial character sketches done during the workshop. I really wanted to convey her fun and quirky personality through her appearance and movement.
The thumbnails went through many revisions!
"Tere is different from the other kids. When she discovers that some of her classmates are making fun of her, she starts questioning herself and if there's something wrong with her. But Tere also realizes that she likes herself, and she is happy the way she is."
Room to Read is an international non-profit organization that seeks to transform the lives of millions of children through literacy and gender equality in education. These books will be distributed for free to Room to Read's partner libraries and schools. Copies will also be available for purchase in the future. Learn more at roomtoread.org.

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