Colored pencils, acrylic, and digital

Written by Dannika Patterson
Published by Wonderbooks
Copyright Save the Children UK
This book was inspired by the real-life stories of children in Fiji. Therefore, I wanted to portray these characters responsibly and accurately. Besides the background info I was given by the editorial team, I did as much research as I could about the country, its people, and its culture. I learned a lot of new things in the process! Fiji is beautiful and it's definitely a place I want to visit one day.
I did most of my sketching digitally for this book so I could work more efficiently. For the final renders, it took a while (and a lot of different combinations and media) before I got the texture and look I was happy with. It was definitely a challenge filling up those large spaces with pencils!
Sera and Joe have seen many storms before but when the island’s animals fall silent, Sera knows something is wrong...will they make it home before the giant storm hits the island?

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