Publication is set for Oct. 1, 2024.
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Every night, Maria and Lolo draw together. Though she tries, Maria isn't nearly as good as her grandfather. Lolo can draw anything: Lola cooking, sampaguita blooming, maya birds perching. One day, though, things start to change. Lolo does not feel well. And when Maria asks him to draw, he says he needs to rest. Not long after, Lolo begins to forget people's names, and soon he cannot find the words for what he wants. Maria tries to find some way to help Lolo communicate - could their shared love of drawing be the answer?
This sweet and moving picture book written by Cristina Oxtra is a wonderful conversation starter about how to navigate through family changes by continuing to care and connect. It highlights a strong intergenerational bond between a young girl and her beloved grandfather. Jamie Bauza's rich illustrations in gorgeous tropical colors are full of evocative details of the setting in the Philippines. Tagalog words are incorporated into the text. This book works well for character education lessons on empathy, initiative and resilience.

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